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How To Report a Dog Bitein Fontana

how to report a dog bite in fontana
how to report a dog bite in fontana

Bit by a dog in Fontana, CA? After medical treatment, you need to report the incident to animal control authorities immediately.

This straightforward guide will cover everything you need to know to document the bite accurately—from gathering key details and filling out forms to potential legal action.

Follow our advice to guarantee your dog bite claim gets filed completely and correctly on the very first attempt.

Who to Contact to Report a Dog Attack in Fontana

Contact Fontana Animal Control at (909) 350-7700 to log an official bite report. Be prepared to provide medical paperwork plus evidence gathered from the scene. An animal control officer launches an investigation using this information.

You may also visit the San Bernardino County Animal Services website to download a report form immediately after the bite. Do not let the owner leave the scene without getting their details.

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to track him or her down later.

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Accident

Here is a checklist of what victims or witnesses should do following a Fontana dog attack:

  1. Get the name and contact details of the owner if possible. Photos of tags on the dog’s collar may also help identify who owns the animal.
  2. Take pictures of wounds from different angles, plus any blood, torn clothing, or other evidence at the scene.
  3. Get contact info for anyone who witnessed the incident to pursue legal action later.
  4. Seek immediate medical treatment and keep all bills and records related to bite care. Even minor punctures run a high risk of infection.

Also, file a detailed report of the attack so all the facts get into the official record. Describe specific details about the dog’s behaviors before the bite.

Finally, consult a Fontana personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn about your legal options, especially if bites were severe or caused by an unleashed dog in a public area.

Public Places Where Dog Attacks Commonly Happen

Canine attacks can happen anytime or anywhere, but certain public areas see more incidents from legal and illegal off-leash animals.

High-risk zones include:

Dog Parks

Fontana has dozens of designated dog parks and open spaces where pets run off-leash, including Central Park, Ardenwood Park, Drigon Dog Park, Sundale School Park, and Niles Community Park.

Owners are liable if their dogs bite, even during play, but establishing fault can be difficult in crowded places with animals freely interacting. Victims should still always report bites to the police and seek counsel about options.

Jogging Paths

Shady Creek Trail, Alameda Creek Trail, Sabercat Creek Trail, and Quarry Lakes Loop Trail are popular with joggers, walkers, and bicyclists. Illegally, off-leash dogs may attack people along these paths. Even legally off-leash pets in approved areas could still bite, and owners can be held responsible.


Dog owners sometimes irresponsibly exercise pets in school areas after hours. Children may suffer bites in these play areas.

Postal Workers and Delivery Drivers

Mail carriers, UPS, FedEx, and food delivery workers frequently report bites from dogs suddenly bursting through doors or jumping fences. Courts often rule in favor of victims since it’s foreseeable that delivery people will approach homes.

Common Injuries From Dog Attacks

Many infections can result from dog bites if wounds are not properly cleaned and treated.

Common medical issues include:

  • Lacerations, avulsions, crushing, and piercing breaks to skin and tissue.
  • Nerve damage if the bites facial areas, hands, or limbs.
  • Broken bones if the attack was severe.
  • Amputation if crushing injuries cut blood circulation.
  • Dangerous infections like rabies, MRSA, tetanus, sepsis, and gangrene can be fatal.
  • Emotional trauma like PTSD, especially with children.

The list above shows that dog bites can cause severe and complex wounds beyond superficial punctures. Attacks often require extensive specialized medical treatment to avoid grave health consequences or permanent disability.

An experienced Fontana dog bite attorney can quantify both immediate expenses and longer-term projected costs so that victims receive adequate compensation for all bite-related injuries. Don’t assume small punctures are harmless – talk to your doctor and legal counsel immediately.

Establishing Fault Under Fontana’s Strict Liability Laws

The doctrine of strict liability protects Fontana citizens. California Civil Code §3342 clearly holds pet owners liable when their dogs bite individuals lawfully occupying public or private property.

Even if owners take all reasonable precautions, the law still holds them strictly liable for bites under state statutes.

A Fontana personal injury attorney can help identify all parties who could share the blame and ensure injured persons receive the maximum compensation they are entitled to.

California Statute of Limitations in Dog Bite Cases

Victims of a dog attack in Fontana or elsewhere statewide have two years from the date of injury, per California CCP §335.1, to file a personal injury claim seeking damages for medical costs, lost income, disabilities, disfigurement, emotional trauma, or other losses.

LA DOG BITE LAW understands the city’s statute limitation rules and can ensure you submit your claim correctly and on time. Any delays could cause you to lose your right to recover total compensation, so consult an attorney before a Fontana biting accident.

Compensation Dog Attack Victims Can Recover

Our dedicated Fontana dog bite attorneys have helped clients secure damages for:

  • Past and future medical bills, including projected costs of future care like plastic surgery procedures.
  • Lost income if injuries prevented working.
  • Lower earning capacity if disabilities are permanent.
  • Pain, suffering, mental anguish, embarrassment.
  • Loss of companionship or consortium if bite injuries severely impacted family or social relationships.
  • Repayment of health insurance co-payments.

Punitive damages are also available when the owner’s conduct shows a conscious disregard for public safety.

Are You Ready to Report Your Dog Bite in Fontana?

If you or someone you love has suffered bites or attack injuries from a dangerous dog in Fontana or anywhere in San Bernardino County, time is critical for preserving evidence and your legal rights.

Bay Area LA DOG BITE LAW has years of experience helping local bite victims recover fair compensation from negligent owners as quickly as possible.

We put our compassionate service and legal skills to work when offering clients:

  • Free Consultation With No Upfront Costs or Fees.
  • Police Report Assistance and Review.
  • Private Investigators to Locate Witnesses.
  • Negotiations With Insurance Adjusters.
  • Referrals to Trusted Doctors.
  • Maximum Compensation for Your Unique Damages.

Call us anytime or contact us online to arrange an immediate case review. Our dedicated Fontana dog bite lawyers are always here to help get your recovery started.

How to Report a Dog Bite Near You

Our reach extends throughout California, from the sunny streets of San Diego to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and beyond. We’re here to help victims across the state report dog bites, find the legal support they need, and ensure that justice is served. By reporting dog bites and seeking assistance, we’re all doing our part in making our communities safer while helping victims get back on their feet.

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