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Dog Bite Lawyerfor Contractors
and Construction Workers

contractor and construction worker dog bite lawyer
contractor and construction worker dog bite lawyer

Entering a property for work purposes brings its own set of hazards. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by a territorial dog when simply trying to do your job. As subcontractors and construction workers, you face a daily risk of dog bites due to the nature of your work.

Over the years, we have helped numerous tradespeople pursue maximum compensation claims after a dog bite injury. If a dog has bitten you while working in Los Angeles, keep reading to understand your options for holding negligent parties accountable.

Unsecured Dogs Lead to Many Construction Site Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs left unrestrained while workers are present account for a large portion of dog attacks. As you enter a home to provide a service, the last thing you expect is an aggressive encounter with a man’s best friend. However, loose pit bulls, German shepherds, and other large breed dogs can inflict serious injuries.

Under California’s “strict liability” statutes, the courts can hold third-party dog owners responsible for bites and subsequent damages, even if they weren’t negligent in restraining their animals. The key is establishing that the attack occurred and directly led to the following injuries:

Injured victims spend less time and money proving liability in Los Angeles dog bite personal injury cases by only focusing on the incident and outcome instead of the owner’s intent or extended circumstances. Our clients are often shocked to discover how California laws favorably protect innocent contractors and laborers from a careless pet owner’s negligence.

Dog Bite Construction Accidents Can Provoke Nasty Infections

Dogs are predisposed to guard their territories, regardless of training. Surprising a dog by approaching unannounced or encroaching on their space can trigger an aggressive response. In fact, some contractors and workers attempt to pet or move dogs out of the way before falling victim to traumatic puncture wounds.

Let’s look at an example: Bob is a 54-year-old home repairman who entered a client’s backyard only to be knocked down by an unseen pitbull. Though the attack only lasted seconds, Bob suffered over two dozen puncture wounds, resulting in nerve damage in his dominant hand and a severe infection requiring antibiotics and weeks of recovery.

Thankfully, California provides clear liability standards and legal options, so Bob doesn’t inherit unjust expenses despite his pain and anguish.

California Puts the Burden on Irresponsible Pet Owners

The vulnerability of contractors and workers visiting private residences makes dog bite assigning liability relatively easy. Home and business owners are responsible for restraining dogs or providing warnings when work areas hold unfriendly pets. When owners ignore these duties, victims have legal recourse through strict liability laws or by demonstrating negligence on the property owner’s part.

California Civil Code Section 3342 (Cal. Civil Code §3342) favors bite victims by only requiring proof of injury occurrence, placing responsibility on those in charge of the offending animal. Additionally, lack of restraints, warnings about unsafe pets, or intentional encouragement of menacing behavior could satisfy negligence claims.

You can determine liability and the best route toward maximum compensation by consulting with a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer. An experienced lawyer can handle communications, negotiations, and even courtroom proceedings so you can focus on healing.

Exceptions to Strict Liability – When Owners Avoid Construction Site Accident Liability

Generally, Cal. Civil Code §3342 favors placing “responsibility for damages” on the party most capable of preventing them – the animal’s caretaker. By simply establishing a dog bite and injury occurred, victims activate the state’s strict liability statutes, instantly putting owners on the hook for reparations. However, defense arguments exist that can defeat strict liability even when dogs attack unprovoked.

Plaintiff Trespassing

Property owners may claim construction workers irresponsibly wandered into clearly restricted areas without consent or that “No Trespassing” warnings were visible. However, California typically considers contracted repair visits valid invitee consent, eliminating trespassing defense excuses.


Defense lawyers sometimes allege (without proof) that victims incited bites through exaggerated movement, shouts, or other instigative means. Eyewitness testimony and injury case reconstruction demonstrations contradicting claims of worker provocation prevent provocation defenses from dismissing owners’ liability.

“Beware of Dog” Warnings

Signage alerts for unrestrained, menacing pets may complicate strict liability assignments for claimants. However, notices alone don’t eliminate the attack damages a victim sustains. According to California law, dog owners must couple their signs with reasonable animal restraints and supervision.

Assumption of Risk

Contractors who work in construction have no expectation that their job includes warding off violent dogs. Also, these workers never assume that bite liability is associated with their vocations. California accordingly maintains that contracted handypersons and repair persons do not knowingly expect canine bite risk while performing their duties. So, this defense regularly fails when asserted by dog owners.

Comparative Negligence

Even after affirming owner liability, courtroom battles center on splitting damages between responsible parties. Skilled attorneys defeat this defense by positioning injured tradespeople as workers who respond reasonably under circumstances that the dog owner’s negligence created.

While intimidating legal defenses to dog bite claims exist, our experience defeating them and securing total compensation for injured construction workers and contractors stands out. Contractors focus on recovery, and we handle rebutting desperate defenses meant to rob innocent biting victims.

Understand that California laws ultimately shift accountability on dog owners. Contact our offices for a free consultation and put a top-rated Los Angeles dog bite law firm for construction accident claims in your corner. No working professional should endure pain and suffering and lost wages because of someone else’s reckless animal care.

OSHA Outlines Employer Duties and Accident Case Rights

On top of California statutes protecting dog bite victims, contractors and construction workers benefit from clear US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules regarding hazardous animals on job sites. Legally binding policies reinforce your employer’s duties to prevent animal attacks. You also have a right to refuse work after a dog bite attack and report violations.

Under 29 CFR § 1926.21(b)(4), construction companies must mitigate safety threats from hostile dogs, insects, or dangerous animals before directing crews to begin work. Failing to (i) restrain pets from work areas, (ii) train workers on how to avoid dog bite injuries, (iii) have first aid resources available in the event of injury, or (iv) warn contractors of attack risks breaches OSHA standards.

After a dog bite attack, contractors and construction workers retain rights to:

  • Refuse to work at properties where menacing dogs roam freely.
  • Demand animal restraints or confinement without retaliation from employers.
  • Report OSHA violations to regulators when employers force engagement with unsecured pets exhibiting aggressive warning signs.

These protections matter because, even today, contractors fear repercussions like dismissal after suffering bites while working in the construction industry. However, well-established state laws and federal OSHA guidance forbid retribution. Employers cannot punish workers for avoiding vicious maulings in uncontrolled, inherently hazardous work scenarios.

If you believe an employer violated OSHA safety guidelines by knowingly ordering you to work in an area where a threatening dog lurks, contact our office immediately. You will have a partner to help you secure injury compensation and have an OSHA violation professional working in your corner to prevent future harm against other innocent parties.

Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyers Gather Case Evidence Through Meticulous Investigation

To receive fair compensation, California dog bite attorneys must prove irresponsible dog owners caused their bodily damages. Winning maximum settlements thus requires gathering injury evidence from the earliest stages of dog bite litigation. Our many years of handling dog attack claims for contractors, construction workers, and manual laborers have fine-tuned our case investigation processes and procedures.

We start by interviewing victims in detail about the sequence of events before, during, and after their traumatic dog attacks. Compiling a formal record of emotional harm like phobia, fear, and pain proves not just physical but mental hardship warrants compensation.

Our team also extensively photographs injuries from multiple angles. We measure puncture depths that can demonstrate excessive bite force and wound patterns, which may confirm the victim didn’t provoke the dog before unconsented contact. We leave no stone unturned in gathering evidence of an owner’s negligence.

Additionally, we collect territory maps, tool inventories, work documentation, and witness statements that collaboratively validate the victim’s allegations. By casting an extensive evidentiary net over the circumstances, we repeatedly satisfy California requirements for absolute liability verdicts. Contractors and workmen never pay a dime out of pocket with our “No Win, No Fee” promise.

Partner with a dog bite law firm with the resources and dedication to prove suffering caused by someone else’s negligence. Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer committed to securing your deserved compensation.

What Contractor and Construction Accident Clients Have Gained with Legal Support

Don’t let inconvenience and fear of legal action deter you from pursuing what you deserve under the state’s dog bite laws. California protects your right to accountability.

Let’s look at an example:

Mark, a 42-year old master plumber from Los Angeles County, suffered bites on his forearm requiring stitches as well as nerve damage while working in a client’s home. As Mark reached to examine pipes underneath the bathroom sink, the owner’s unchained Rottweiler suddenly attacked. The injuries caused Mark extreme pain and forced him to miss nearly eight weeks of plumbing jobs during recovery.

Per California’s strict liability rules, the dog’s owner was liable for Mark’s medical procedures and prescriptions PLUS his suffering and lost business income resulting from the attack. Mark recovered $12,000 with an attorney’s help – far more than the homeowner’s lowball opening offer. Even missed work opportunities have definable value when negligence causes harm.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Construction Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Contractors and construction workers risk dog bite injuries on hazardous job sites. California legislation and OSHA place liability on those responsible for harboring unsecured, menacing pets. Our dog bite case outcomes show numerous examples of tradespeople receiving rightful compensation.

Contact us for guidance if you’ve suffered lost income, mounting medical expenses, or ongoing issues due to a dog attack at a job site. During a free consultation, Los Angeles dog bite lawyers assess your situation and options for maximum compensation under California’s strict liability rules. Don’t wait to hold negligent parties responsible for your preventable, unjust hardship.

How to Report a Dog Bite Near You

Our reach extends throughout California, from the sunny streets of San Diego to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and beyond. We’re here to help victims across the state report dog bites, find the legal support they need, and ensure that justice is served. By reporting dog bites and seeking assistance, we’re all doing our part in making our communities safer while helping victims get back on their feet.

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