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Dog Bite Lawyerfor Cyclists in LA

dog bite lawyer for cyclists
dog bite lawyer for cyclists

As LA dog bite attorneys with years of experience representing bicycle accident victims in California, we have seen first-hand the damage a dog attack can cause. When a loose, aggressive dog takes aim at a passing cyclist, severe injuries often result. We have helped bicyclists recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and more after suffering bites while riding.

If a dog has been you or a loved one while cycling in Los Angeles, you likely have questions about your rights and legal options. This guide covers key laws in California regarding dog bites to cyclists, steps to take after an attack, and your legal options for seeking maximum compensation.

With an understanding of the issues bicyclists face, our dog bite lawyers can help you get back on your bike safely and confidently.

Common Causes of Dog Bite Injuries for Los Angeles County Cyclists

Dog bites often occur suddenly, but they are rarely random. Understanding common reasons dogs attack bicyclists can help riders stay vigilant on LA streets. Our experience shows that most dog bites to Angeleno bicyclists fall within three categories.

Unleashed, Loose Dogs

California has extensive leash laws requiring that dog owners keep their pets secured when not on private property. However, irresponsible dog owners often allow aggressive dogs to roam unleashed, leaving cyclists vulnerable.

When an unleashed pit bull or other large breed dog spots a bicyclist passing by, their natural instinct is to chase and bite. Even small dogs can leave bite marks and cuts when loose. An owner may face liability when his or her off-leash dog scares you and causes you to fall and suffer injuries.

Dogs Chasing Down Cyclists

Dogs love to run and chase anything that moves quickly – an instinct that can spell trouble for passing cyclists. Even well-trained, leashed dogs might unexpectedly lunge or bark at bicyclists, causing crashes or falls.

And if an aggressive dog gets loose or is intentionally allowed to chase you, the results can be terrifying. We have seen clients face severe bite wounds simply because a negligent owner thought it was “funny” to let a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.

Negligent Dog Owners

While loose dogs account for many dog bite incidents, animal owners are also strictly liable when their leashed pets bite cyclists in public areas. Under California’s dog bite statute, the courts can hold owners accountable when they “negligently fail to prevent their dog from biting someone in a public place or lawfully on private property.”

Establishing owner negligence adds an extra step to dog bite personal injury litigation. An experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyer can handle the intricacies of proving negligence and strict liability to recover deserved compensation.

Taking Personal Injury Legal Action After Attacked by a Dog

The moments following a dog bite attack are chaotic, painful, and emotionally draining. Once an injured cyclist gets to safety and attends to any immediate medical needs, taking further steps to support a future legal claim becomes crucial.

Gathering proper documentation and seeking prompt guidance from a legal professional set the groundwork for establishing strict liability against a negligent dog owner.

Reporting Dog Bites to Authorities

After seeking urgent medical care, the next call should be to notify the city animal control. This department keeps records of dog bites in a region, which helps track aggressive animals and negligent owners.

Give a detailed, accurate account of how the incident occurred, the type and appearance of the dog, and any description of the owner that you can recall. Ask for a copy of the official report to retain for your records.

Reporting the attack also triggers an investigation and could lead to quarantine or other consequences for the biting dog. If rabies infection is a concern, authorities need a record of the incident to judge whether quarantine or testing is warranted. Having the attack on paper also supports your legal claim during negotiations with insurance companies.

Document All Dog Bite Injuries

Photos are invaluable evidence for proving the extent and severity of bite injuries. As soon as possible after the attack, take photos from multiple angles of any bite marks, cuts, blood, torn clothing, bruises, or other physical damage resulting from the dog bite.

When the bite wounds require medical treatment and bandaging, request copies of hospital or doctor photographs documenting the exposed injury before changing the dressing. If scarring seems likely, continue photographing the damaged area occasionally – wounds may worsen or look different over time, so showing long-term scarring effects strengthens a personal injury claim.

Legal Consultation With Dog Bite Law Attorneys

Once you tend to urgent medical concerns and create critical documentation about your dog bite incident, the most important call is to our office. Reaching out to an experienced Los Angeles dog bite lawyer provides the best protection of your legal rights.

We handle insurance claim correspondence, thoroughly investigate fault and liability questions, legally serve parties on your behalf, and fight for the maximum compensation for all bite damages.
As proponents of California’s dog bite laws and strict liability statutes that govern cyclists’ accident rights, our attorneys know every avenue of recovery to pursue. With deep insights into insurance companies’ tactics to deny legitimate claims, we stand ready to oppose lowball settlement offers. Our dedication to clients means we will only rest once you receive fair compensation.

What Damages Can a LA Dog Bite Lawyer Recover?

The aftermath of a severe dog mauling can be extremely costly. From initial emergency transport and hospitalization to expensive medications, therapy for psychological trauma, lost income, and permanent disfigurement, the bills stack up quickly.

Pursuing legal action allows California dog bite victims to recoup damages and hold negligent parties accountable. Different categories of compensable remedies aim to make victims whole again.

Special Damages: Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Medical Costs

Animal attacks lead to extensive healthcare costs (i.e., emergency care, hospital treatment, medications, and specialist follow-ups). Costs skyrocket even further if wounds become infected or require corrective surgery.

It therefore makes sense that dog bites covering massive parts of victims’ bodies, in some cases, may cause financial devastation for individuals who pay associated medical expenses out-of-pocket.

Successful California dog bite claims demand that owners or related responsible third parties cover all costs of past and future medical treatment tied directly to bite injuries. Detailed billing records help prove the out-of-pocket expenses incurred for the care needed.

Lost Income and Other Monetary Losses

Alongside medical costs, dog bites cause many additional monetary burdens for bicyclists. Missed work due to hospitalization, healing time, and follow-up appointments represents lost income that should fall back on the negligent owner. Property damages like torn clothing and a broken bicycle deserve compensation, too. On top of that, add increased expenses – for example, needing hired transportation during recovery – and the money loss piles up substantially.

Documenting all bite-related expenses through evidence like wage statements, property receipts, and other proof of tangible losses strengthens claims. Detailed records make it simpler to tally legitimate costs during settlement negotiations. Please speak to our legal team about strategies that account for past harm and predictable future losses to get back on your feet.

General Damages: Pain, Suffering and Emotional Distress

While financial impacts create heavy burdens, the emotional toll of a dog attack often cuts deeper. From experiencing panic and fear while being chased down to the extreme pain from violent bites and lingering anxiety preventing you from participating in everyday activities, dog bites irrevocably damage the quality of life of cyclists. Considering the high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after dog bites, emotional distress deserves compensation.

Although no dollar amount directly heals psychological wounds, monetary damages aim to remedy suffering. The exact value awarded depends on case-specific factors – a minor bite creating unease that passes quickly deserves less redress than permanent nerve damage that presents lifelong challenges.

A seasoned LA dog bite lawyer can give you reasonable damage estimates for pain and suffering damages based on case specifics. Know that despite insurance companies commonly trying to minimize emotional distress claims, advocating strongly for fair compensation or general damages makes a significant difference for clients needing extended counseling and psychological care.

Why Retain Our California Dog Bite Bicycle Accident Attorneys?

Recovering justly after a dog attack requires knowledge of your legal rights and having a determined personal injury lawyer ready to fight battles on your behalf.

As LA dog bite attorneys focused explicitly on litigating animal attack cases, our firm possesses the insights and tenacity to deliver results. We take an honest, ethical approach while leveraging our experience to maximize claim resolutions.

We know how insurance carriers take advantage of victims.

Trust our dog bite lawyers to handle all legal procedures and insurance company negotiations on your behalf while you focus on healing. Contact us now to get started.

How to Report a Dog Bite Near You

Our reach extends throughout California, from the sunny streets of San Diego to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and beyond. We’re here to help victims across the state report dog bites, find the legal support they need, and ensure that justice is served. By reporting dog bites and seeking assistance, we’re all doing our part in making our communities safer while helping victims get back on their feet.

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