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Dog Bite Lawyerfor Runners and Joggers in LA

dog bite lawyer for runners and joggers
dog bite lawyer for runners and joggers

For runners and joggers, few things could be more terrifying than suddenly being chased or attacked by an aggressive dog while on a routine run. In mere seconds, you could sustain serious bite injuries and emotional trauma that derails your active lifestyle for weeks or months during recovery.

In our experience, these incidents occur far too often because dog owners fail to secure their pets properly or lose control of their dogs in public spaces like parks or neighborhood sidewalks. To help runners and joggers pursue compensation under California’s strict liability laws, our Los Angeles dog bite law firm provides dedicated legal guidance so you can get back on your feet.

During our years of handling dog mauling cases, we have helped hundreds of injured runners and joggers across LA seek justice when negligent dog owners refuse to assume responsibility for their pets’ injuries. By choosing us to represent you in your dog bite lawsuit, know you’ll have an advocate in your corner who understands the disruption dog attacks cause in life.

California Imposes Strict Liability For Dog Attacks

Unlike less dog-friendly states, California maintains strong statutes holding dog owners accountable when their pets bite or injure runners – regardless of breed or background. Under California Civil Code Section 3342 (Cal. Civ. Code § 3342), the legal doctrine of strict liability affirms that dog owners are responsible for injuries their dog inflicts on people in public places or lawful visitors in private spaces.

Accordingly, California law automatically favors bite victims, especially joggers injured while legally running through public parks, trails, sidewalks, and other areas.

Dog owners cannot evade responsibility by claiming they did not foresee aggression in their pet. The law intends to keep citizens safe, so when owners don’t restrain violent pets in public areas, they must absolutely compensate bite victims for all damages.

How Strict Liability Affects Injured Joggers and Runners

In California, dog owners are absolutely liable for injuries even when prior signs of dog aggression (first bite incidents) never existed. Unlike negligence claims where victims must prove the owner knew of bite risks to prevail, strict liability assumes owners are aware of their duty of care and responsibilities to the public.

Compensation is required even if runners partially provoked the biting incident.

Owners are still liable under Cal. Civ. Code § 3342, even when runners startle the dog or unintentionally make it feel threatened.

Strict liability rules apply to all breeds.

Regardless of dog breed, owners must compensate bite victims, debunking myths that say the law excludes certain species from liability (i.e., small dogs).

Pet owner’s insurance covers runner bites.

Home or renter’s policies generally cannot deny dog bite claims under California’s strict liability rules.

For injured runners and joggers, strict liability means substantially higher success rates for injury claims since owners cannot assert affirmative defenses to evade fault. California policy prioritizes public safety, protecting lawful citizens from uncontrolled, aggressive pets.

We Apply Cal. Civ. Code § 3342 to Personal Injury Lawsuits

While strict liability legally sets the assumption that dog owners are responsible for runner attacks in public areas, determining fault still involves assessing each unique situation’s circumstances.

As experienced LA dog bite lawyers, we pursue maximum accountability and compensation by proving the following:

  • Owners intentionally or negligently failed to restrain violent dogs in public settings.
  • Owners neglected to secure backyard fences or gates properly, enabling dogs to escape and charge victims.
  • Pet owners allowed off-leash, dog freedom in parks, recreation areas, trails, or beaches where leash laws apply.
  • Owners disregarded signs of escalating aggression, training needs, or breed tendencies requiring extra precautions.
  • Cities or counties failed to enforce local dangerous dog ordinances despite complaints.

Through in-depth investigations analyzing veterinary records, animal control reports, leash law citations, and other evidence, we build strong arguments regarding liability and negligence. And thanks to California’s strict doctrine favoring bite victims, the law further supports our efforts in pursuing fair compensation for injured runners and joggers.

Compensation Available for Injured Runners and Joggers Bitten by Dogs

Civil lawsuits provide remedies for runners and joggers to redress severe bite wounds and emotional trauma caused by attacking dogs. But without experienced legal counsel negotiating on your behalf, uncooperative defendants and insurers will often try to minimize or deny your claim to protect their interests and profits.

California law entitles runner and jogger victims to the following damages to promote fair and healthy recoveries:

  • Past and future medical bills covering wounds, infections, surgery, physical therapy, and counseling.
  • Lost income when bite injuries prohibit work attendance during recovery.
  • Pain and suffering damages – to remedy the severe distress from dog attacks.
  • Emotional distress claims addressing psychological trauma and phobias manifesting after incidents.
  • Loss of enjoyment damages covering temporary or permanent loss of regular jogging and running routines.
  • Punitive damages multiplying awards to punish an owner’s gross negligence.

Unlike other practice areas, most dog bite attorneys charge no fees until you receive compensation from settlements or verdicts. We also promptly initiate investigations, helping secure valuable evidence before owners conceal it. Our firm also collects higher awards because insurers know we have the talent and resources to bring dog bite cases to trial when warranted.

Three-Steps for Pursuing Runner or Jogger Dog Bite Compensation

In California, strict liability laws expedite compensation for runners and joggers pursuing legal claims after dog attacks. However, claimants must follow proper civil procedure to secure their rights to damage recovery. Our proven dog bite litigation three-step process ensures that clients maximize outcomes while focusing on healing.

Document all physical and emotional injuries.

Documentation and expert testimony are vital for proving claims in personal injury lawsuits. As soon as possible following a biting incident, runners and joggers should:

  • Photograph bite wounds from multiple angles showing laceration sizes and depth.
  • Seek prompt medical treatment at hospitals or urgent care clinics to assess nerve and tissue damage, clean wounds, begin antibiotic therapy to prevent infection and initiate rabies vaccination protocols.
  • Save medical paperwork, billing statements, and medication receipts associated with bite care and recovery.
  • Record pain level details, wound healing challenges, and limitations in performing normal running routines.
  • Note psychological symptoms like fear of walking or running outdoors, mistrust of dogs, and sleep disruptions manifesting post-bite.

By collecting extensive medical records and personal logs early on, runners will hold the physical evidence to secure fair compensation later. Otherwise, insurers may mitigate injury claims during settlement negotiations by arguing that wounds and trauma lack severity.

File dog-bite injury claims with the pet owner’s insurance company.

Under California’s strict liability law, the dog owner and their insurance provider bear responsibility for covering a victim’s damages after bites. So injured runners must request economic and non-economic compensation from insurance companies for damages sustained before filing a personal injury lawsuit against the pet owner.

Adjusters settle quickly in cases with more minor wound injuries to avoid litigation costs. However, when insurers wrongfully deny valid claims, victims must negotiate further or pursue lawsuits to enforce their rights. With decades of litigating runner dog bite cases in Los Angeles, we can successfully resolve insurance claim disputes or move the client’s personal injury action forward to court.

File Dog Bite Lawsuit Against Negligent Owner

When insurers refuse reasonable settlements, or owners deny allegations, lawsuits become necessary for procuring compensation.

During dog bite personal injury proceedings, you must gather evidence when litigation reaches the discovery phase. This process legally obligates the opposing party to turn over documents that may show the dog’s history, owner negligence, and insurance policies possibly covering damages.

Building a solid lawsuit on strict liability grounds through competent discovery provides for fair settlement offers from insurance companies or winning verdicts at trial when owners and insurers refuse to mediate damages.

Why Choose Our Firm’s Dog Bite Lawyers?

For many years, injured runners, joggers, and all dog bite victims across Los Angeles have trusted our compassionate counsel and tenacity when fighting for their rights. Beyond securing high financial results through settlements and verdicts, clients value how we invest in their recoveries and long-term well-being after dog attack trauma.

If you sustained bite wounds and emotional harm due to a negligent dog owner while running or jogging in Los Angeles, contact us today for a free case review and advice on your legal options.

As joggers themselves, our staff enjoys assisting injured runners get back on their feet after tragic dog encounters. Begin the physical and emotional healing by knowing a competent Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is advocating on your side while you seek the justice you deserve.

How to Report a Dog Bite Near You

Our reach extends throughout California, from the sunny streets of San Diego to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and beyond. We’re here to help victims across the state report dog bites, find the legal support they need, and ensure that justice is served. By reporting dog bites and seeking assistance, we’re all doing our part in making our communities safer while helping victims get back on their feet.

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