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Dog BiteFace Injuries and Trauma


Facial dog bites lead to lasting scars, both physically and emotionally. Americans suffer millions of dog bite injuries each year, with the face being most frequently targeted by canines. For young victims, the trauma haunts them long after the stitches heal.

The prospect of permanent disfigurement or losing sight due to infections in delicate face areas brings deeper wounds than the bite puncture. California dog bite statutes establish dog owner liability regardless of previous aggression to support animal attack victims.

The dog bite lawyers at LA DOG BITE LAW understand the pain facial wounds bring. As parents ourselves, we know time does not fully erase a traumatic child’s dog attack memories or fears about another attack. We represent many mauling and bite survivors across California, helping them secure rightful compensation for their trauma.

The Trauma and Damage of Dog Bites to the Face

Dog bites leave physical body damage, and scars remain permanent when these animal attacks happen to a child. When a dog’s teeth puncture a person’s soft facial skin, the injuries frequently require stitches and even reconstructive surgery. Medical studies show that the face and head are the most common areas injured by dog bites.

Children ages five to ten face the highest risk, with severe lacerations, nerve damage, fractures around the delicate eye sockets and sinus regions, as well as permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Emergency room doctors may describe these damages as “full-thickness” wounds requiring numerous layers of donor skin to repair.

Common serious facial injuries from dog bites include:

  • Missing ears, lips, eyelids or scalp areas
  • Fractured eye sockets, cheekbones or jaw bones
  • Severed facial nerves causing paralysis
  • Blindness or loss of eyes
  • Scarring and skin contractures
  • Skeletal deformities impacted growth

Reconstructing severely injured facial structures poses immense challenges for cosmetic surgeons. Beyond complex wound repair, they meticulously reshape damaged noses, ears, and lips to restore form and function.

Carefully placed grafted skin, hardware implants, and tissue fillers help victims regain normalcy after suffering brutal bites tearing apart their visage. The road toward reclaiming self-image and confidence proves long, requiring compassionate support.

As experienced dog bite lawyers dealing specifically with facial injuries, our legal team believes prompt claim action can help survivors and families move forward with their lives.

California’s Strict Liability Laws Offer Recourse for Dog Attack Victims

While medical teams attend to immediate injuries, few people realize California’s civil code establishes absolute legal liability for dog owners regardless of past aggression or whether the animal never bit a person before.

When we meet clients struggling after a dog attack, few know that state dog bite laws offer remedies to make them whole again. Recourse includes compensation for both economic damages like medical bills and non-economic damages covering pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Dog bite lawsuits can quickly become overwhelming for victims and parents struggling to heal physically and emotionally from traumatic facial injuries. By consulting with an attorney early in the litigation process, families have an advocate to handle insurance matters, allowing them to focus on recovery.

Legal Guidance for Survivors and Families

Our dog bite legal team treats every client like family. We understand the pain victims feel not only from bites but also from safety fears and memories haunting sleep.

If your child or another family member recently suffered facial bites from a dog attack needing stitches, surgery, or resulting in permanent scars, we invite you to schedule a free consultation or meeting with our personal injury attorneys who only handle dog maulings and related animal attack injuries. We are knowledgeable professionals but also caring parents ourselves.

Crucial Steps to Care for Facial Bites and Dog Attack Prevention

Let’s explore a few suggestions about what to do after a dog bite and avoiding canine attacks on children.

Seek Prompt Emergency Care

Dog bites to the face demand immediate medical evaluation, given infection risks from bacteria in saliva infecting delicate ocular, sinus, and nerve tissues. Blood supply flows in facial areas also raise urgency. Seek an emergency room or urgent care right away, calling 911 for transport in severe cases. Many clients discover true bite danger only after having a CT scan in the ER. It’s always better to be safe and ask for this procedure than to be permanently sorry later.

Early Legal Consultation is Also Wise

Equally as fast as medical care, meet with an attorney familiar with facial dog bite cases. Do not trust insurance adjusters pushing for quick settlements. As in Jack’s story, bites to a child’s face warrant stringent damage evaluation and advocacy by an experienced dog bite lawyer who fights for fair compensation. True recovery often involves lengthy, expensive, and specialized surgical care.

Aid Emotional Recovery Alongside Physical

The traumatic memories of a beloved pet or neighbor’s seemingly docile dog suddenly attacking can understandably cause anxiety, sleep troubles, or other PTSD symptoms. Seek counseling early for yourself or your child, but also consider therapy for the parents as well. Setbacks happen, so anticipate ups and downs through the healing process.

Staying informed and taking reasonable precautions can help avoid irreversible facial injuries that dramatically impact victims and families for a lifetime. Our dog bite attorneys are also happy to speak about prevention in more detail during your complimentary case evaluation.

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Our dog-bite personal injury lawyers proudly support survivors in Los Angeles and surrounding metro regions. We handle insurance negotiations so clients can focus on recovery, not paperwork.

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How to Report a Dog Bite Near You

Our reach extends throughout California, from the sunny streets of San Diego to the bustling cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and beyond. We’re here to help victims across the state report dog bites, find the legal support they need, and ensure that justice is served. By reporting dog bites and seeking assistance, we’re all doing our part in making our communities safer while helping victims get back on their feet.

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